MKR holder DAI-gest: Week 6 2020

Governance Recap Week Ending February 8, 2020


Governance News

Become a decision-MKR

One of the key features of the MakerDao ecosystem is Governance. When you buy and stake MKR, you get the ability to vote on critical MakerDao policies.

Greater voter participation creates a more secure platform. There is no minimum amount of MKR required to participate in MakerDao Governance. Here are some resources to learn more about setting up and using the Governance tools:

New Governance Dashboard

A new Governance Dashboard is in development which you can find here. Statistics of the Governance system, participants, and much more are available. Search filters and sorting allow a user to generate very specific data. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new version. Help icons in the right corner of every graph provide detailed help information. You can view a formal walkthrough presentation in this week’s Governance meeting video. If you have questions, the Governance Forum is the perfect place to ask the community.

Recent, Current, and Upcoming On-Chain Polls

Three polls ran February 3–6, 2020. Voter breakdowns and other details are on the specific poll landing page.

Poll: Dai Savings Rate Spread Adjustment — February 3, 2020

Poll: Dai Stability Fee Adjustment — February 3, 2020

Poll: Sai Stability Fee Adjustment — February 3, 2020

Recent, Current, and Upcoming Executive Votes

Executive Vote: Activate the Savings Rate Spread and the Sai and Dai Stability Fee Adjustments

Current Ruling Executive: Voting Open

Executive Vote: Activated Sai Debt Ceiling, Sai, and Dai Stability Fee Adjustments

Voting Concluded: Executed on February 4, 2020

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting, Ep. 72 February 6, 2020

DAI News and Info

MakerDao Blog: The Benefits of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Upcoming MakerDAO Events

The Link above leads to the MakerDao meetings page.

dApps and Services using Dai

Pundix — POS Retail Solution for accepting Dai
Pundix is a merchant payment processing platform. Retailers can accept NEM and Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, including Dai. Explore mobile payment apps, point of sale hardware, and customer loyalty products. If you are a developer, check out the Pundix platform for integration into your next dApp.

Whisps — Globalized Payroll Solution for Dai
Process payroll or receive payroll in Dai. A hassle-free platform for finance management among globally distributed workforces.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and student of life, in Portland, OR

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and student of life, in Portland, OR