MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 8, 2020

Adrian Hacker
3 min readFeb 27, 2020


Governance Recap Week Ending February 22, 2020

I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast that believes DAI is the stable coin capable of bringing a widespread adaptation of digital currency to the people. My mission is to help others learn about and get involved with the MakerDAO ecosystem. I am not an employee of MakerDAO, my views are my own and do not represent the views of MakerDAO implied or expressed. Can you find the weekly DAI joke? (Beside DAI-gest): Read on.

MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 8, 2020

Governance Recap Week Ending February 22, 2020


  • Dai Statistics
  • From the MakerDAO blog:
  • How to Buy Cryptocurrency: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • A Guide to Crypto Wallet Types
  • Executive Votes
  • Weekly Governance Meeting
  • MakerDAO in the News:
  • MakerDAO and Pundi X Turn Dai Into a Merchant Solution
  • Events

DAI Digits (Statistics)

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Visit the MakerDAO Community Forum. The community is made of interested people like yourself, and Community Leaders from MakerDAO. Share your skills in growing the MakerDAO Community, no experience necessary. My interaction with Maker has always been friendly and inclusive (we really respect DAI-versity), don’t be afraid to contact foundation or forum members alike.

From the MakerDAO Blog

Governance News

Recent and Current Executive Votes

Executed February 21, 2020: Executive Vote Activated the Dai Debt Ceiling Adjustment, Set Dai Savings Rate Spread, Set Sai Stability Fee, Lowered Surplus Auction Bid, Set Governance Delay Module

Executed February 8, 2020 Executive Vote: Activated the Savings Rate Spread and the Sai and DAI Stability Fee Adjustments

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting, Ep. 74 February 20, 2020

Here is a guide from MakerDAO about becoming involved in Governance. The meeting is held every Thursday, 17:00 UTC.

Governance and Risk Meeting Community Guide

  • Understand the issues that are discussed and governance themes that get explored to build a healthy, secure, Maker Platform.
  • Get info on how to connect by phone or webcam.
  • Explore meeting archives.

DAI News and Info

There is nothing to worry about, and no one has been hacked. With the rumor of some sketchy Defi trading in the Defi arena, MakerDAO makes changes to keep a secure ecosystem.

With their eyes on the Latin American markets, MakerDAO and Pudi X are incentivizing the implementation of point of sale acceptance of cryptocurrency.

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