MKR holder DAI-gest: Week 9 2020

Adrian Hacker
3 min readFeb 27, 2020

Governance Recap Week Ending February 29, 2020

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast that believes DAI is the stable coin capable of bringing a widespread adaptation of digital currency to the people. My mission is to help others learn about and get involved with the MakerDAO ecosystem. I am not an employee of MakerDAO, my views are my own and do not represent the views of MakerDAO implied or expressed. Professional nerd on a closed course; do not attempt. This publication is not suitable for human consumption; for external use only. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary.

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Three-Point Governance Summary by Adrian:

  1. Individually and as a community, it is important to stop often and reassess our efforts within the Maker ecosystem. Still relevant? Is there a higher priority? Is it value-added? Must have, or would be nice? Maker is growing quickly making it that much more critical to quickly adapt if/when yesterday's top priority may have just become obsolete.
  2. Watch the presentation on Oracles and Governance in this week's video recording of the governance meeting. The security of the Maker platform relies on a variety of information providers (Oracles) and Governance is tasked with administrating these sources and their security to the ecosystem.. Watch the presentation and next week a draft of administrative procedures will be posted in the forum. Read it. Ask questions. Give feedback.
  3. The top few CDPs hold over 25% of the DAI supply. Keep an eye on them if they are auctioned or redeemed. The large trade volume may require immediate response to keep DAI on the peg.

DAI Digits (Statistics)

Governance News

Other polls this week for Dai Stability Fee and Sai Stability Fee resulted in no change, which remains 8% and 9.5% respectively.

Disaster Preparedness

A hot topic of debate this week in the community is how to handle the occurrence of an Ethereum hard fork if it were to happen. Just to be clear, there is not a hard fork planned or announced. The community just wants to have some plans in place if this happened. Many considerations involving the Maker platform as well as partner platforms and much more need to be considered. To find out more information on the issue dive into the community forum: Should MKR governance get involved with Ethereum hard forks?

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting, Ep. 75 February 27, 2020

Here is a guide from MakerDAO about becoming involved in Governance. The meeting is held every Thursday, 17:00 UTC.

Governance and Risk Meeting Community Guide

  • Understand the issues that are discussed and governance themes that get explored to build a healthy, secure, Maker Platform.
  • Get info on how to connect by phone or webcam.
  • Explore meeting archives.

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