Sögur vs. Stablecoin:

Adrian Hacker
4 min readNov 5, 2020

5 Reasons Sögur is MORE Stable and MORE Valuable


Sögur is a currency that brings together the best aspects of fiat currency and the best aspects of cryptocurrency to create a trustworthy and transparent global cryptocurrency. Sögur is a mashup of decentralization and regulation in all the ways that promote trust and legitimacy. If Sögur was a rocket ship, rest assured that the right kind of bright minds are in the pilot seat. Here are five major reasons that Sögur has better value than so-called stable coins.

1. Sögur is a stand-alone currency that is not confined to how well a fiat currency performs. It is capable of anything the market can imagine…all without governmental baggage.

Stablecoins are volatile and under the pressure from the events and policies happening within national borders. This is by way of the value of the fiat currency issued by government authority. Sögur is designed with stability stitched in and trust woven in every aspect of governance. Computer code will respond to market situations and arbitrage. This eliminates bad motive, impartiality, and inconsistency all of which are highly damning to any movement seeking to become useful in the global economy.

2. Sögur automatically sets market volatility with respect to positive performance in the market and reduces volatility with respect to underperformance.

As the market cap of Sögur grows, the amount of money in reserve shrinks. This puts the value of Sögur more in control of market forces and less controlled by reserves. This means that as popularity and trust increase, the opportunity to capitalize on market forces increase by way of a wider price band. Conversely, if trust decreases and there is a huge sell-off, the smart contract is designed to buy at prices more competitive than exchanges so that excess market cap can be burned and reserves again built up while minimizing loss of value. The idea being that a large sell-off indicates a lack of trust or utility of Sögur, therefore the system will shore up the mechanisms in place to remove volatility and assure legitimate value with more funds in reserve to set the value. The bottom line, whether the trend is upward or downward, a system exists to maximize the utility and value of Sögur.

3. Sögur is built on a world-class transparent monetary policy.

Stable coins are tied to fiat currency which is tied to a central bank somewhere with policies often decided behind closed doors. Sögur is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the monetary model is public information knowledge. Documentation that specifically outlines the precise details of Sögur’s money model is available at their website and the smart contract will live on a public blockchain. There is not a clandestine room full of people making secret decisions that affect your livelihood without your knowledge. The U.S. Federal Reserve has that covered.

4. Sögur's governance selectively applies decentralization to promote trust and responsibly centralizes critical functions with experienced economic and other professionals to bring legitimacy.

The Sögur governance model is quite democratic. It includes everything from human rights to conflict resolution availability for anyone in the ecosystem. Sögur is structured like a democracy you would find in the first world. All holders must either vote or specify a delegate to vote for them. Sögur is governed by committees with defined functions that have real-world subject matter experts and professionals. An example is the Monetary Committee. This is the group tasked with ensuring a monetary model that is highly trustworthy, practical, and maximizing market opportunity when appropriate. This is unlike fully decentralized stable coins where any individual with the money to buy governance tokens can weigh in on monetary levers in a dramatic way, with zero expertise. Sögur has centralization in the areas where professional experience can create policies that legitimize and build the highest level of trust. Decentralization is utilized only where it is the best method for building trust. The use of the Ethereum blockchain, for example, provides decentralization and transparency for all Sögur holders via public smart contracts.

5. Sögur rewards its initial investors in a very fair method that is independent of the value of the currency.

The minds at Sögur thought of everything. A reward system was developed, known as Saga Genesis, that rewards investors at vesting points. The longer an investor stays in, the more reward they could see. The vesting is designed so that it is spread out over the growing market cap so that it will not affect the value of Sögur in any noticeable way.

What you hopefully see are features of a cryptocurrency that will create an ecosystem. Sögur could probably be considered a platform. It is a unique combination of financial methods and governance that thoughtfully promote a highly reliable coin and increases the intrinsic value of the participants through human rights, democracy, decentralization, and centralization in all the right places.



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