Today is the First Day of the Rest of the DAO

Maker HOLDers DAIgest

MKR Holder DAI-gest: Week 14, 2020

Governance Recap April 2, 2020

Big 3 Take-Aways for the Week:

  • Urgency, Apathy, Distraction, Denial: Pointed out by the interim governance facilitator is the cycle that happens in addressing major governance issues which are not seen to conclusion.
  • The Foundation releases overview road map plan for moving toward complete self-sustaining governance of the community. Details can be found below.
  • Dai peg is still running a little high. Correlation shows that fear from the March 12th event still has Eth-Dai position holders spooked. Dai holders in general are still holding on tightly to the stable coin a midst market fears.

Dispositioned Governance Agenda


  • Maker token authority — Recently introduced
  • Road to governance paradigm — Recently introduced


  • DeFi Emergency shutdown consortium — Forum Activity
  • Public relations consortium — Forming
  • SCD shutdown — Currently Polling
  • Ranked choice polling — Forum Activity
  • Collateral On boarding — Forum Activity
  • Compensating Zero Bid Vault Owners — Forum Activity


  • GSM delay
  • Dark fixed
  • USDC On boarding
  • Flip / Flop auction usability
  • Governance vote cadence
  • Zero bid response from the community (Official Response)


  • MKR Debt Auctions — Completed successfully

DAI Digits

Governance Polls and Executive Votes

Open Executive Vote: Adjust multiple risk parameters

  • Lower the USDC Stability Fee from 16% to 12%
  • Raise the Sai Stability Fee from 7.5% to 8%
  • Lower Sai to Dai migration Debt Ceiling to 0

Passed Executive Vote: Adjust multiple risk parameters

  • Lower the USDC Stability Fee from 20% to 16%
  • Lower the Dai ETH Debt Ceiling by 10 million to 90 million Dai

Open Poll: Should we initiate the shutdown of the SCD system through an executive vote on April 24th, 2020?

Current Issues in the Community

Dispositioned Governance Agenda

  • New: Item proposed within the last two weeks in the forum or on the governance and risk call.
  • Moving: One or all of these situations would keep an item in moving status: Evolving discussion in the forum or on the Governance and Risk call. An action item was created or completed for the item. The item has been delegated to a group or individual. The item is polling or has polled within the last week. The item is currently in an open executive vote.
  • Stalled: The item has no visible discussion or movement forward in the previous two weeks.
  • Completed: The item has passed executive vote or otherwise reached a logical conclusion by means of a deliverable OR the item is not going to be further pursued through an obvious consensus. Third Party Auction Dashboard

State of the Peg

SCD Shutdown

The Road to Governance Paradigm

Forum Activity and Signaling

Weekly Governance and Risk Meeting

  • Understand the issues that are discussed and governance themes that get explored to build a healthy, secure, Maker Platform.
  • Get info on how to connect by phone or webcam.
  • Explore meeting archives.




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